Pickler Memorial Library

From the 1960 Echo:

Echoes repeat the notes of a student's life. They resound the new progress, the new ideal, and the new decade of the Teachers College.

They whisper of new progress with the first "Old Missou" sung in Baldwin Auditorium -- the first "Go, Bulldogs, Go" ringing to the rafters of Pershing Building -- the newly created Background Room -- the initial charter presented to PEM Club.

They boom of new ideals -- the ideal student who searches for the truth and finds it -- the ideal teacher who learns more in order to impart more -- the ideal attitude that rewards must be really earned before they are granted.

They repeat the confidence of the new decade -- a decade which promises extended research and knowledge, deeper insight and understanding, freedom to strive toward higher goals.

Echoes dwell within the depths of the individual. Every vibration of a progression or ideal is reflected as a distant personality. The very soul is a chamber of echoes.

All are captured and reverberated in the caverns of this Echo which speaks as the true representative of the study body in the new decade.

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